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August 18, 2010
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Brotherhood's Day Off by Snaphance93 Brotherhood's Day Off by Snaphance93
EDIT AS OF 2013: After having actually been to Rome, I can now confirm that there is, in fact, an actual playground at Castel Sant'Angelo. I am hugely amused by this.

EDIT: Oh mi god, how did this thing get more than 100 faves? O_o

HUGE FILE - DOWNLOAD TO VIEW IN FULL-SIZE! Though, that's only 40% of the original size. It's HUGE 8D

Proportions, shading and perspective are three funny beasts who fled when they saw this drawing. And I don't care about the wonky anatomy, lack of shading or awful perspective, because I had so much fun with this!

I started on it before the summer holiday - ~thetourist93 and I watched the Brotherhood trailer when it was brand new, and we drooled over the new assassins the way only Assassin's Creed-fangirls can drool. Of course I had to do something silly with them. Y'know, they were very young compared to Ezio, and Leonardo was such an inventor, so of course they would have a playground.

I doodled them in the back of my textbook (they filled three pages), scanned them and started coloring. Then the holiday started, and I sort of forgot about them until Turi reminded me the other day. And today I felt motivated to finish this thing.

Aren't they just awesome? My humour has to be the silliest in the whole world, because this just doesn't stop amusing me 8D Of course Turi and I gave the new assassins names, too.

So Mr. Awesomepants is called Marcus, because... why not?

And Mr. Awesomesauce with Unicorns (… looked sorta British, so we called him William. He is very negative, like Aragorn is in "Sagaen om de bannlyste" (Swedish LotR-parody); "Dårlig" is the Norwegian word for "bad".

The archer-guy with the silly moustache is called Anton. It looks like he has a good ol' trønderbart. Google it. Seriously. No one wanted to be on the seesaw with him, so he found a rock.

And the last guy is called Johan, because he looks so grumpy. He is having very much fun, he just refuses to admit it. He will always be more negative than William. And he shouldn't be on the swing while Leonardo is still building it.

Leonardo thinks this is highly amusing; Ezio is rather annoyed with his new assassins.

And yes, I really have the urge to make fun of the brotherhood. I think they will be totally awesome.

And this is the best thing I've made all year 8D

Assassin's Creed and characters are of course the property of Ubisoft.
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rana06 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Det er veldig morsomt :D
Snaphance93 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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"Dårlig" ? XD Is he getting ill? Hahahaha

This is pretty funny!
Snaphance93 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
No, he's of the opinion that Stripey's doing a horrible job of hopscotching =P

Thank you!
Lady-Nina Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha okay xD
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